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Review: Essence Love letters stampy set and stamping nail polish

I recently came across Essence Love letters limited edition. Most of the stuff just weren't for me - maybe I'll go back for one polish - but I took the stamping plate and stamping nail polish #05 Inkheart.

The polish is dark grey creme. I expected it to be more opaque and thick, but it is really not that much - if you'd use it as a normal polish, you'd need two coats for it to look opaque. It dries semi matte. And it dries quick. It is a bit difficult to apply because of brush strokes. 

The stamping set includes 1 stamp, 1 scraper and 1 image plate with 9 designs. 

I won't use the scraper, becase it is made of metal, and it can damage the image plate. 

The designs are mostly conected to love, so it is a perfect image plate for Valentine's day. You have hearts, love, cupid and butterfly. The image plate is covered with protective transparent foil, which you have to remove prior to use - but they have this written on it, so there's no worries if you removed it or not. My plate has this weird dots on it, and when I tried, they are carved into the plate as well as the images - maybe I just picked up a bad one, I don't know. I will contact the reseller and let you know. 

Unfortunatelly not even my stamper is okay. It appears to have a cut right in the middle of it.

I tried all the designs and I'm happy with it. You have to understand that I didn't really try with this, I just quickly tried them. I tried all of them with Inkheart, and I am satisfied with how well it works. Because of its not-so-great opacity I thought it wouldn't work, but it does!
I left the hearth on the first picture this way on purpose, so you can see what the cut on the stamper does to a design. It's a shame really, designs are lovely and if you are into stamping, I say get it, it doesn't cost that much.

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