torek, 21. januar 2014

Essence & Catrice discontinuing series: Hey, nude! nail polish

I decided to show the products Essence and Catrice are discontinuing in spring 2014. There is a bunch of product, so I'll have a lot to show - not only polishes but make up too. There are product I am really sad to see to go, some I won't miss at all.

Today, I have Essence Hey, nude! nail polish from their Colour&go line. This is a texture polish, which Essence describes as "sparkle sand effect". It is a nude polish with silver and white glitters, that dry into a textured finish. The formula is great, and it dries fast - 1coats dries around 5 min. But it has one BIG downside - it is rather sheer, so you need at least three coats for it to be opaque. But the colour is amazing. I really like it, it look so sophicticated and elegant. On the pictures I have three coats, and you can see I could do at least one more for it to really be fully opaque, but I love it this way.
I also tried it with a top coat on, and I have to say, it looks great this way also!

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  1. I have this one too, love the colour, the glitter particles, its lovely look on nails - as you say, really elegant looking, clean, neat nails :)) But I have to say that I was really sad about the drying time... I don't know why, but this polish dried ages on my nails. After few hours I could still made a scratch on the nails, ruining it all :( even if I waited long enough before layers... And it's not only this one, but all three textured polishes from Essence - the red and grey too... Maybe I got way too spoiled by other brands textured polishes, that dry in a second :D but it makes me sad, because they're all so pretty!
    Btw, if you would like to have the tips covered, put a layer of Hey, nude! over some white or nude polish, looks absolutely gorgeous too and the tips are not visible :))

    1. I've read online that some girls have had problems with drying time, but mine were dry in normal time - and I say that for all three textures! Maybe there were different batches? I don't know...
      Thanks for the tip, I will try it for sure!

    2. I don't know, I also thought about that... at first I almost thought I was the only one not satisfied :D But then I've seen some more critic on the drying time, so maybe it was different batches, who knows... I just hope that the new textures will be good even in my shop :D