petek, 17. januar 2014

NOTD: Essence Blossoms etc. - I like

Blossoms etc. is a trend edition from year 2011. At the time I got 4 polishes and I still love and wear them. Todays NOTD is #02 from this collection I like. I like is a light green polish with blue shimmer, opaque in 2 coats. It dries in a normal time, 10-15min. The application is easy.

I just couldn't leave it at that, so I added a layer of Essence Colour & go nail polish in Make it golden! which is sadly discontinued. This is a polish I absolutelly love. It's big and small golden glitters packed in a clear base. You don't have to fish out glitters, they come out very easy.

And the combo looks just amazing! Really beautiful!!

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